human cobotics


Cobotics stands for human-robot collaboration in professional contexts – in other words: direct interaction between people and robots in the same working environment.

A new kind of technology, Cobotics marries the advantages offered by human actions with the very latest robotics technology.

Ultimately, this makes it possible for Cobotics to create completely new production and automation processes – within the current realms of robotics, but also beyond. (> Cobotisation)


Superior sensitivity, bionic motions and on-the-fly switches between autonomous and supervised work – these are the hallmark of Cobots.
Many Cobots are have their own inbuilt interaction systems and learning functionality (teaching by demonstration).

This is highly useful for mobile service systems, human-robot collaboration in manufacturing or surgical assistance. These lightweight robots are extremely adaptable and mobile, making them perfectly suited to a variety of application scenarios.

The trend towards cobotisation

As a new kind of technology, Cobotics is bringing about sweeping changes in the methods and techniques of industrial manufacturing.

Even beyond the current debate about smart factories, connected production and Industry 4.0, Cobotics offers new levels of production intelligence and efficiency, opening the door to new realms of competition and new ways of bolstering the local economy.

According to the experts, Cobotisation will have a particularly noticeable impact on sectors of industry that were previously untouched by – and thus unable to benefit from – industrial automation.